Genetic Medicine – Predict to Prevent

No doubt. It is exciting to use our genes to reveal our ancestors’ narrative history – where they came from, what historic moments did they participate in, where family is now. Whether or not you have taken a gene test, puzzling out the family saga is naturally rewarding. But if you take anything away from this post, know that your genes can do much more for your story, starting now!

Your genes can now allow healthcare providers to personalize science-based solutions to predict, prevent, and even reverse serious diseases, such as obesity and type 2 diabetes. This modern and scientifically proven method of care is quite appropriately called Genetic Medicine, sometimes Genomic Medicine. Because Genetic Medicine is based on the individual’s genetic markers, it can empower patients to achieve and sustain their health goals, which is our No. 1 mission at Genetix Health Institute.

As humans we have roughly 20,000 genes, which contain the DNA coding that dictates the how, the when, and under what circumstances our bodies perform a life-sustaining function. As an example, a function would be the release of serotonin to help us get a restful night’s sleep, or for the body to transform fat cells into heat to keep our bodies warm in cool temperatures.

Unfortunately, just like software, there are bugs in our genetic code that can, under certain circumstances, lead to a range of different illnesses, or prevent us from achieving and sustaining the results that support fulfilling, healthy and active lives.

What is more, the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute says that the lifestyle habits we keep we can actually change our DNA, for better or worse, and that those changes are passed on to our children. While it is well known that obesity as a genetic trait runs in families, so do the health risks, such as heart disease and diabetes, even if the child does not develop obesity. Remember: genetic changes can be for the better, if you take the right steps.

Personalized Genetic Medicine starts with understanding your health goals and proceeding with a very targeted genetics test and analysis. Taking weight management and diseases related to obesity as our example, Genetix analysis will provide a DNA Weight Management Profile, that presents a detailed view into how your specific genes control your body’s ability to lose and maintain a healthy weight. Out of tens of thousands of genetic markers, research has shown that 48 different genetic markers and 16 specific genetic traits are the keys to how your body processes food and nutrients and reacts to physical exercise. Our reporting methods are nothing less than exceptional, providing a very detailed path for your team to outline an individualized, preventive health program tailored specifically to your genetic code.

Your genetic profile will reveal whether your body is resistant to losing weight, and why. It will also reveal how your body most efficiently consumes calories. Not everyone can simply get on a treadmill, pound out the mile and see results. In addition, your profile will also show how your body processes and then metabolizes carbohydrates and protein, and how well it absorbs and uses nutrients.

Your genetic profile combined with clinical history will also make it possible to more accurately predict your health risks and identify what courses of action to take. If you are already carrying extra weight around your abdomen, or suffering from Metabolic Syndrome, or even type 2 diabetes, your genetic markers hold the keys to potentially reversing these conditions.

Genetic Medicine is also called Precision Medicine. So again, taking our example of weight loss, the diets or cardiovascular exercises featured in Self magazine are nice, even encouraging, but unfortunately they’re also extremely generalized and often imprecise. They are highly unlikely to work in the long term because they simply do not fit YOUR genetic profile. At Genetix, we use Genetic Medicine to replace the merry-go-round of trial and error guessing with precision solutions.

Under the direction of Genetix Chief Medical Advisor, Dr. Tim Church, one of the world’s foremost experts in obesity, exercise physiology and type 2 diabetes prevention and reversal, we create a scientifically precise, yet easy to follow regimens with attainable goals that will last. As dictated by your specific genetic markers and traits, our nutrition and physiological experts will provide you with a comprehensive plan, that can include hormone replacement therapy, nutrigenomic supplementation, behavioral modification tools and exercise routines that fit your genes. And because we provide concierge service, you will have plenty of support throughout the entire process.

By understanding yourself from a molecular level, the knowledge is there to empower you to move forward with a precision program that is actually sustainable, because it is tailored to your genes. Just think, if you could reverse or even prevent developing a life-threatening disease, including heart disease, type 2 diabetes, or obesity…Is that not an investment worth pursuing?

We want to take the anxiety out of reaching your health goals. The good news is that with Genetic Medicine we can. Our team of health experts will work hand in hand with you to individualize a program to revitalize your well-being, work toward preventing disease and set you up for success in living an active and fulfilling life geared toward optimal health.

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