You are Not Always What You Eat! How Your Genotype Impacts the Nutrients Your Body Needs

For the past decade, we have experienced a scientific revolution. We are in the midst of one of the greatest advances for scientific research in the modern era – gene mapping. While much of the media coverage surrounds the ethical considerations for cloning, DNA sequencing for “super babies” and our inherited traits increasing the statistical probability of a certain disease, much of the rhetoric has overlooked one of the most profound aspects of this research – genotype and nutrients.

Wake up America. We are fat. Two-thirds of our advanced western civilization flourishing with technology, clean water, luxurious living arrangements, independence and freedom of speech is either overweight or obese. That fact alone should be a crime. Health insurance costs are skyrocketing while the quality of our care is perpetually in a state of decline. We are seeing “doc in the box” urgent care facilities pop-up on every corner like Starbucks and primary care physicians consolidating practices trying to pump as many people through their practices as possible to increase revenue. As a patient, it is frustrating and it is a pain. So the end result is simple. We self-medicate and we wouldn’t dare visit the doctor unless we had one foot in the grave.

We are so connected to information, our phones and each other that we fail to see in ourselves what researchers have been warning us for years. We are the epidemic. Tens of millions of Americans have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and tens of millions more are currently in a pre-diabetic state. And guess what? 90% of those in a pre-diabetic state do not even know it!

So what does this wonderful representation of American culture have to do with genetics and what is a genotype? Genotype is defined as a “complete heritable identity”. That’s a fancy way of saying it is you on a cellular level. Everything is moving fast today. If a web site takes more than 5 seconds to load, we move on to another one. Imagine the peril and chaos should the internet service go down in your home for an hour. Fast food is getting faster and processed foods are becoming more genetically modified and re-processed. The entire topic of truly understanding what you are consuming is another discussion altogether.

What is most fascinating is that your specific DNA genotype can actually impact how your body processes certain nutrients. You may think you are doing yourself a favor by eating those carrots, but what if your body has a genetic variant which impacts how Vitamin A is absorbed? What if you could not properly process Vitamin B-12? Have you been running low on energy for so long that you have just come to accept it as part of aging? What about those annoying little skin conditions that keep flaring up. Perhaps you have a variant which inhibits your absorption of Vitamin E. What you likely do not realize is that each one of our bodies absorbs a certain amount of each nutrient as food or supplements are digested. We then use or store the nutrient, as needed.

Your genotype for certain nutrients can indicate that you may be at risk for having lower levels of certain nutrients.

To empower you with the best genetic testing knowledge possible, your Genetix medical team, along with our partner Genetic Direction, have established stringent criteria for studies that we use to help us evaluate the potential impact of your genotype for each gene tested. We select the largest and most scientifically valid genome-wide association studies to calculate a score for the different genes or gene combinations for all genes tested. Your results indicate which gene combinations you have in each category, and you receive a rating for each trait in a category. We use these studies as the basis for our recommendations. Further, we have formulated the purest and most targeted nutraceutical line available. Simply stated, we can fill in the gaps that your genes leave behind. If you have a Folate genetic variant and resulting deficiency, we can fix it. If your genetic code says “no thank you” to typical Vitamin B-12, we have a workaround process to get you back on track. The bottom line is that Genetix Health Institute provides the most comprehensive analysis, protocol and overall program to help you circumvent nature’s hurdles.

We have heard it since we were very young – knowledge is power. This could not be more applicable than when it comes to your own health. In an era when we want more and we want it yesterday, we should pause for just a moment to realize that the collision course we are on with our health is completely avoidable. In many cases, type 2 diabetes and cases of pre-diabetes are reversible. By understanding yourself from a genetic basis, you can literally redirect your health and optimize your quality of life. You have to take the first step. In partnering with your medical team at Genetix, we will completely individualize your health care to offer the greatest chance for success with education, empowerment and providing the perfect, sustainable program for you to improve all facets for your quality of life.

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