What is Good Health Worth?

“Without your health, nothing else matters.” My father said this to me many times as a child. The meaning behind this quote has evolved. When I was young, I had the same mentality of many teenagers—I don’t need to change anything. I was young and invincible. Poor health was something that happened when you get “old”. The lifestyle habits I had were destructive and absent minded. Even though I was an athlete and my body performance was important, I did not take advantage of the resources that were available to me.

Fast-forwarding a few years, I became a registered nurse. My years of training and working for an inner-city hospital, gave me the perspective that we can save people from a wide number of health conditions. I saw profoundly intelligent people using medical knowledge to save others from heart attacks, strokes and a vast number of other medical conditions. However, I never felt like they were fixing the actual problem. Often, modern medicine places a band aide over a festering wound. We place stents in arteries that become ridden with plaque, use blood thinner to prevent the plaques from getting bigger, and place people on medication to lower cholesterol and blood pressure. All the while, giving little attention or time to the precursors to the disease. Diet, activity level, genetics and hormone regulation are shown by a huge number of studies to be direct contributors to prevention for a number of these conditions.

My journey to preventive medicine led me to Genetix Health Institute. As a provider, I want to help people avoid hospital and reactionary medical treatment through prevention. I want to use the tools we have available to use to keep issues from arising in the first place. We will take time to evaluate your deficiencies, needs, and life goals to create a plan to help you get there.

The preventive health platform allows you to have all these services at your fingertips. No longer will you spend hours waiting at the doctor resulting in a 5-minute visit with a physician who addresses a small slice of a very large pie. We have heard the frustration and confusion from this experience. Our approach seeks to understand all the elements of health over an extensive history and physical examination.

Our plan is individualized to your personal goals and needs. The patient-provider interaction will include educating you about why certain changes are important. With this knowledge, we hope you will be more inspired and determined to make small changes which will have a great impact. Changing habits is difficult and we want to arm each of our clients with the tools needed to create sustainable improvements to health.

We are also available for day-to-day issues that arise. With rising deductibles and copays, a trip to the primary care doctor for a minor illness can easily cost more than $100. Along with the preventive care component, Genetix concierge medicine platform also covers for visits of this type. We are committed to caring for the entire person and all that is necessary for health optimization.

Many of us spend large sums of money every month on gym or fitness memberships, but have difficulty staying on the bandwagon due to hectic schedules and endless commitments elsewhere. Our weight management program offers easy to use meal replacement plans to jump start weight loss and get you on your way to the body shape and size you desire. Body composition testing allows you to track changes you would not normally identify with just a scale. Our unique body composition machine gives a 360-degree analysis of your body so we can fine-tune your program based on your personal needs. From a weight management stand point; it can be frustrating to see the number on the scale remaining the same despite significant effort to lose weight. Often, this is the result of increased muscle mass along with fat loss. With the body composition-testing feature, you can see for yourself how your body is changing.

Finally, the hormone regulation can affect everything from cardiovascular health to sexual health to brain health to sleep. Imagine having the energy and stamina you did at your peak level. The results we see from hormone regulation will add quality to your life by increasing energy, focus while improving sleep. This feature of our program is not to be confused with the popular “Low-T” craze. These levels will be closely monitored and regulated for optimum outcomes. Most importantly, a big part of our program benefits women! Female hormone regulation can be life changing for the women who are gracefully ageing, but have difficulty losing weight, encounter gastrointestinal issues, fatigue, and low libido.

So why are you letting yourself function at suboptimum levels? We want you to be as healthy, and youthful as you can be and our team of medical specialists will work hand in hand with you to individualize a program to revitalize your health, prevent disease and increase your longevity. At $199 per month, you owe it to yourself to make an appointment at Genetix and let us show you why we are recognized as experts in optimal health. While you’re thinking it over, ask yourself, how much is your health worth?

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