The 411: Metabolic Syndrome

There’s a reason why Metabolic Syndrome is called the Silent Epidemic: One in four American adults suffer from it, yet most don’t even know it. While there are a number of conditions associated with Metabolic Syndrome, being more than just slightly overweight or obese is common to all who are afflicted with it.

Metabolic Syndrome is a leading factor in heart disease-related deaths. The National Heart Lung and Blood Institute identifies genetic traits, medical conditions, or habits, all related to weight, as factors. When these factors converge, the very biochemical processes that convert food into energy are disrupted and paralyzed at the molecular level. The syndrome, if left untreated, will result in chronic life-threatening conditions.

This syndrome is considered an epidemic, in part, because just over 70 percent of American adults are considered overweight or obese, and are therefore at risk. This epidemic is not confined to educational level, annual earnings, or race.

“The prevalence of obesity, metabolic syndrome, and type 2 diabetes has risen dramatically in the last two decades and it’s exceptionally high within corporate culture where workdays are long and sedentary,” said Dr. Tim Church, Genetix Chief Medical Advisor, one of the world’s principal experts in obesity and exercise research with a targeted focus on preventing and reversing metabolic syndrome and diabetes.

Dr. Church calls Metabolic Syndrome a “clustering” of the following conditions, and that, “Given that abdominal obesity is a component of the definition, it makes sense that excess weight is a strong risk factor for its development.” If you have or are at risk of developing any one of these conditions, the foundation is laid for developing Metabolic Syndrome:


  • Larger than normal waistline, specifically an obese abdominal region.
  • High blood pressure, which correlates directly with plaque build up and the hardening of the arterial walls of the circulatory system, heart disease and stroke. Medications prescribed to treat high blood pressure can also increase risk.
  • Diabetes and mildly high fasting blood sugar. Again, medications prescribed to lower blood sugar levels increase risk.
  • Lower than normal levels of “good” cholesterol. Good cholesterol, known as HDL cholesterol is necessary for clearing the arteries of plaque-causing cholesterol.
  • High levels of triglycerides. Triglycerides are fat cells that specifically fuel the body’s functions. Everyone needs triglycerides from the food we eat, but too much can lead to any and all of the above conditions.
  • Genetic disposition as well as a number of medical conditions can result in high levels of triglycerides.


While these findings should inspire us all to find ways to manage our weight, we also know how frustrating and emotionally draining it can be trying diet after diet, even exercising, yet not achieving the results that we know can literally save our lives. There are no medications or surgeries that can cure Metabolic Syndrome. But there is a proven method of treatment.

Dr. Tim Church, in his peer-reviewed and published research, has shown that a holistic and sustainable approach guided by each individual’s genotype and current medical condition will produce the highest level of success in preventing and reversing Metabolic Syndrome, and even type 2 diabetes. This programmatic approach, starting at the cellular level, is life-saving and therefore, life enhancing.

Our bodies are wonderfully complicated ecosystems, that have process rules handed down to us through our inherited DNA. Genomic variations dictate, without exception, how our bodies work with nutrients to convert, store and expend calories. Sustainable weight management will not merely come from replacing carbs with vegetables or taking out a gym membership. It requires a methodical program that harmonizes our individual unique genomic rules, with what, when and how we eat, and how we exercise.

At Genetix Health institute, Dr. Church has converted his years of clinical research and designed the most comprehensive Weight Management concierge platform available. Our team of experts will work with you and the science, including your genetic variants, to create a comprehensive plan that will address your specific weight management needs and set attainable goals. We educate, empower and provide our clients with the tools to live a healthy and fulfilling life.

Learn more about Dr. Church and Genetix concierge platform for weight management. You will not only reduce your spare tire and serious health risks, but ensure that you will improve your quality of life for years.

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