Attain, Sustain and Maintain Through the Holidays and Beyond

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The ho-ho-hefty holiday season is just looming over the horizon, with an imminent arrival just days away. As your calendar fills up with office parties, family gatherings, and festivals, the agonizing pressure to self-sabotage your best laid plans to count calories, is the Grinch that can and will steal your waistline and your health.

You do not need to battle the intense anxiety of futile resistance. All of these winter solstice celebrations are, at their essence, a confrontation of the yin and yang which constantly test our resolve.

You CAN maintain your weight management journey through this tumultuous 40-day stretch if you have the knowledge, the tools, and the support of medical science at your fingertips. First, let’s reinforce why you need to focus on weight management during this time of year. Then, we can analyze what you can do to strengthen your resolve, without becoming exasperated by the challenge. You can do this!


First: The Reinforcement

There are so many debates about how, when and where we pack on the pounds, it should be no surprise that the holidays are just as contentious. The fad-diet industry and mega gyms hoping to profit by your weight management anxiety argue that the average person, male or female, will gain at least five pounds between Thanksgiving and New Years Day. Medical research has debunked this commonly touted hypothesis, but uncovered something much more nuanced and insidious.

In March 2000, about the same time the Center for Disease Control reported that roughly a third of Americans were obese, the New England Journal of Medicine published, “A Prospective Study of Holiday Weight Gain.” The researchers found that, “On average, weight gain during the 6-week winter period from Thanksgiving through the New Year averaged only 0.37 kg (3/4 lb). However, weight gain was greater among individuals who were overweight or obese, and 14% gained >2.3 kg (5 lb). In addition, among the entire population, weight gain during the 6-week holiday season explained 51% of annual weight gain.”

The takeaways from the above study are two-fold. First, overweight and obese individuals are at a greater risk of gaining more weight than others during the holidays. Second, everyone else who adds to their waistline during this time of year is on a trajectory to become overweight or obese.

So, let’s say you are a 5’7” woman weighing roughly 145 pounds. While that weight is considered normal, let’s say you gain a pound over the holidays and another over the course of the following year. That means in seven years you will hit 160 pounds and be considered overweight. What’s worse is that when you are overweight, you tend to put on more pounds over the holidays, and therefore over the year. It becomes a compounded calculation that if left unchecked, can lead to life-threatening conditions.


Second: What You Can Do

You’ve heard the mantra over and over that if more people simply ate a balanced diet and exercised regularly, managing our weight and dropping the unwanted pounds will be our certain and just reward. Well, guess what? Nine in ten of us fail to achieve our weight management goals, despite trying four to five times a year. It’s simply exasperating, and the facts from the CDC are no easier to accept.

The reason the odds of success are worse than picking the Kentucky Derby’s winning horse is that we have been literally buying into the one-size-fits-all fad diets and exercise routines, instead of unlocking what makes each of us unique: our DNA. In fact, cracking the code of the first human genome took teams of scientists more than a decade and $5 billion to map because we humans are complex. It was well worth it because now that this science, known as precision medicine, is available to us, the odds of reaching our health and weight targets are finally in our favor.

At Genetix Health Institute, we test your DNA and conduct a genetic analysis of how your 48 specific genetic markers and 16 traits control your ability to manage your weight and improve your health. Your genetic profile is the ultimate holistic guide that dictates how your body processes particular foods, and which physical activities will have a quantifiably positive impact on your body, inside and out. To further hone our plan of action and measure real progress, we also conduct a full health history assessment and baseline 3-D Body composition analysis.

Any guidebook really only works as well as it is used, which goes ten-fold when you have your unique and precise instruction set. That’s why we provide “concierge service,” a full-service precision medicine support team, who will be with you every step of your journey. We understand that your focus is always to take the pounds off quickly. We want to make sure that is done safely and sustainably.

Depending on your specific goals, we always start with a full medical evaluation complete with blood analysis and medical history review. Depending upon personal goals, needs and medical recommendations, we individualize your program with an array of our tools ranging from nutrigenomic supplementation to meal replacement options. We then introduce an online behavior modification technique program hosted by our own Dr. Tim Church. Throughout this journey, you will be working with our nutritionist to utilize your genetic information to craft unique meal plans while educating you with cooking skills. Meanwhile, you will receive a tailored exercise plan which is not only sustainable, but precisely paired with your overall medical protocols.

We believe in taking incremental steps that build on the success of what has been accomplished before. Therefore, we do not advise using a very low calorie diet (VLCD), or even exercising right away. Starting all of the phases at once can be overwhelming, both physically and emotionally.

Research has shown that while some individuals react exceptionally well to cardiovascular exercise, others will have better results with resistance training. Again, it’s all dictated by your genes. Our physiological experts thoughtfully design your exclusive exercise regimen that harnesses your DNA to make it work for you, not against your goals.

Under the leadership of one of the nation’s foremost authorities on weight management, Genetix Health Institute’s Dr. Tim Church, does not link “dieting” and the latest rigorous exercise fad as a maintainable weight loss program. Based on his years of clinical research, Dr. Church has created the most comprehensive and holistic concierge weight management platform that will empower you to maintain your progress through the holiday season and beyond.

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