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Frequently Asked Questions

Genetix Health Institute Services

What happens if I need to see a specialist?

Our team of medical experts will be able to recommend you to any one of a number of exceptional specialists including urologists, nephrologists, cardiologists, psychologists, neuroradiologists, orthopedists, and many others. Our team will then collaborate with your specialist to ensure that all notes are cross referenced and that your team of medical experts is aware of all your medications and test results.

Do you offer same day appointments?

For our Concierge members we always try to give first priority to first available appointments with our medical staff.  If you are coming in for an IV treatment, body scan, or nutraceutical consultation, we gladly accept same day appointments.

What is your approach to medical care?

Genetix takes a comprehensive and individualized approach to preventive care.  We are all different and our bodies process vitamins and food differently.  We look beyond the obvious into our genetic makeup to best determine how to make processes more efficient while making each of us feel better with more sustainable excellent health.

Pricing & Insurance

What are the payment options for the program?

Genetix offers a simple “pay as you go” option. For more information, see our pricing page.

How do prescriptions work?

We issue typical name brand and generic prescriptions to your preferred pharmacy. Those costs are handled directly with your insurance as any typical prescription from an issuing physician. For specialty compounded prescriptions, we recommend a few select compounding pharmacies who specialize in the type of compounding medication being prescribed. Those costs are also handled directly with your insurance as with any other prescription.

How does Genetix work with my health insurance?

Genetix Concierge plans are independent of your health insurance meaning there is no co-pay, no deductible and no late notification of additional balances due.  However, since Genetix Concierge clients have the option of using our Telemedicine services for their primary care needs, those costs should be covered by most insurance plans.

Can I use my HSA account for Genetix services and products?

Absolutely.  You may use your pre-tax HSA account dollars for any Genetix services and products.

Testing Details

What types of blood tests are screened and how are those costs handled?

Genetix has consolidated many of the available test screens into specific categories based upon your collaborative goals with our medical team. Click here for details on our specific blood programs. Blood labs are handled independently with an outside lab.

How does the genetic testing work?

Genetix has categorized your genetic analysis into specific categories relevant to individual protocols required for optimal preventive health care. Weight management, aging, nutrient analysis, athletic performance and precursors for disease are all packaged independently. Reports are graphic, easy to read and provide specific details for your Genetix medical team to create an individualized program tailored to each individual’s needs.

How does the 3-D body composition analysis work?

The 3D analysis creates a dense and detailed 3D image of the user from a 40 second scan. The 3D scan automatically extracts hundreds of circumference, length, contour, caliper, width, height, volume, and surface area measurements from the user’s 3D image.

After the scan is processed, you will receive a detailed report and image analysis by email. Your Genetix medical team can then use your data to evaluate your 3D image, measurements, and trends from the 3D web platform.

You are provided with visual and easy to access information for the following:

  • 3D scan images from various perspectives
  • Body composition assessment including body fat percentage, total lean mass, total fat, mass, and height and weight
  • Illustrated trends associated with each assessment to see how your data is changing over time
  • Dozens of precise measurements illustrate how body composition is distributed

The measurement and comparison page serves as an excellent opportunity to show you how your comprehensive Genetix program is impacting body measurements.


How do you maintain confidentiality with my health information?

We take the privacy and security of your protected health information seriously. Your protected health information is secured in accordance with HIPAA, plus we have substantial measures in place to encrypt and protect your information within our systems. We provide you with a Notice of Privacy Practices that describes the restrictions on how we may use and disclose your information. We also provide you with a copy of the Privacy Policy that describes how data is used and disclosed. Please CLICK HERE for a copy of our Privacy Policy. We will never disclose your information to any third party in a way that violates HIPAA, and we will never market your information or any identifying information about you to a third party without your consent.