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Genetix and You | What to Expect

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Genetix combines a host of specializations under one concierge platform to provide you, our client, the most comprehensive, individualized wellness program available. We are all different and our bodies process vitamins and food differently. We look beyond the obvious to best determine how to optimize our metabolic pathways while making each of us feel better with more sustainable, excellent health and a significant quality of life improvement.

Weight Optimization
Genetix weight optimization program is a comprehensive initiative to educate, empower and provide you with….
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Hormone Replacement
Long-term studies assessing testosterone-replacement therapy in men indicate that TRT produces a wide range of benefits…
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Precision Testing
Genetix medical team has designed a program with specific metabolic markers and key performance indicators according to….
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Telemedicine gives Genetix concierge platform clients the ultimate in convenient care by bringing your medical team directly to you.
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Nutrigenomics, sometimes called nutritional genomics, investigates how the foods we eat interact with our individual genetic….
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Physical / Sports Medicine
Sport Science is another multi-disciplinary field concerned with the understanding and enhancement of…
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Nutritional IV
Intravenous Nutrition (IV) therapies involve administering nutrients directly into the bloodstream (intravenously)…
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Sexual Health
Many men and women who experience sexual dysfunction of any sort are hesitant to discuss their concerns with…
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Body Composition Analysis
Genetix Body Composition Analysis has been used to provide body shape health risk assessments, as well as…
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Genetix Health Institute presents the most comprehensive health care concierge platform available. Our team of specialists educate, identify specific needs and provide our clients with the tools for a sustainable, individualized program for optimal health and quality of life.

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