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Nutrient Metabolism Profile

Your body absorbs a certain amount of each nutrient as food or supplements are digested. Then your body uses, or stores the nutrient as needed. There are many factors that affect how much of a nutrient you take in, how much of a nutrient is absorbed and used by your body, and whether your body stores are in the normal range.

Your genotype for certain nutrients can indicate that you may be at risk for having lower levels of certain nutrients. Since the genotype analysis is not measuring what you eat, the supplements you take, or actually quantifying levels in your blood or tissues, the genotype analysis alone cannot relate your current status.

People who are low or deficient in a nutrient may absorb more from food than someone who is not deficient. A person who needs more of a certain nutrient may absorb more of it from a food than someone who has normal levels. There are also other factors that can affect absorption positively or negatively, and that can affect how your body uses what you take in.

How do you know what your actual nutritional status is? A blood test is generally the only way to test your nutritional values.

Keep these factors in mind as you interpret your genotype results and the suggestions provided by your Genetix medical team. No one result is going to give you all the information you need. But taken together, the results of your genotype analysis, along with a blood test can help you identify potential areas where you can optimize your nutrition and health.

In the Genetix Nutrition Predisposition Profile, we are testing the following genes as related to the specific vitamin and minerals referenced below.
Vitamin A Tendency BCM01
Vitamin B6 Tendency NBPF3
Vitamin B9 – Folate Tendency MTHFR
Vitamin B12 Tendency FUT2
Vitamin C Tendency SLC23A1
Vitamin D Tendency GC, NADSYN1, CYP2RI
Vitamin E Tendency ZPR1, SCARB1, CYP4F2
Dietary Choline Tendency PEMT
Calcium Levels CASR, DGKD, GCKR, LINC00709, CARS, LOC105370176, CYP24A1
Copper Levels SMIM1, SELENBP1
Iron Levels TRF2, HFE, TMPRSS6
Magnesium Levels MUC1, SHROOM3, TRPM6, DCDC5, ATP2B1, MECOM
Phosphorus Levels ALPL, CSTA, IHPK3, PD37B, C12orf4, IP6K3
Selenium Levels DMGDH
Zinc Levels CA1, PPCDC, LINC01420

Sample Nutrient Report

Together, we’ll review your genetic markers associated with athletic performance and then craft a custom optimization plan.
Genetix Nutrient Sample Report

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