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Nutrigenomics, sometimes called nutritional genomics, investigates how the foods we eat interact with our individual genetic variations to affect our response to nutrients and the resulting risks of nutrition-related chronic diseases. The questions we typically ask are, “How much of each nutrient should a particular person consume?” and, “What are the biological effects of a specific supplement?”

There are basically two approaches that we use to investigate such questions.

First, we look at how common variations found throughout the human genome explain individual differences in response to dietary intake. For example, this area of research explains why some people can eat a high fat diet and have no problem with their cholesterol levels while others experience the exact opposite response.

The second approach that nutrigenomics researchers use is to investigate how nutrients and bioactive components in food turn on or off certain genes — the genes impacting important metabolic and physiologic processes in the body.

For example, researchers have identified compounds found in broccoli that switch on a specific gene that helps the body detoxify some of the harmful chemicals we’re sometimes exposed to.

At Genetix, we utilize a comprehensive analysis of your specific genetic profile to understand how to best provide you with optimal health. Most vitamins and minerals we buy over the counter have a very low absorption rate. As a result, our bodies typically absorb only about 30% of these products. Given our complex genetic differences, those absorption rates could be significantly lower. With Genetix pharmaceutical grade nutraceuticals, we see a much higher level of absorption with precise supplementation for your genetic profile using the highest quality ingredients. Genetix exclusive line of nutraceuticals is designed to target typical nutritionally deficient patterns in genetic profiles, plus address any other specific health issues your medical team may assess. We provide the complete solution for your well-being and preventive care.

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