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Individualized Weight Optimization

Genetix Chief Medical Advisor, Dr. Tim Church, is one of the world’s foremost experts in obesity and exercise research with a targeted focus in diabetes prevention and reversal. Genetix weight management program is a comprehensive initiative to educate, empower and provide you with the tools to live a healthy and fulfilling life. We begin with a complete 3-D body composition analysis which provides over 380 detailed measurements. Blood labs are then analyzed to determine your DNA precision path for nutrigenomic supplementation. In addition, we analyze 48 different genetic markers and 16 specific genetic traits related to weight loss. Depending upon your specific needs, including hormone replacement therapy, a comprehensive plan will be established with benchmark goals, including macronutrient breakdown, caloric needs and supporting scientific research.

Our nutrition and physiological experts will also provide the analytics and understanding needed to make small modifications in your routine to create a sustainable platform for excellent health and a renewed quality of life. It is not just what you eat, but how and when you eat. Genetix will empower and teach you the methods to reversing metabolic syndrome, reducing fasting glucose, lowering blood pressure, lowering triglyceride levels and shrinking your waist circumference.

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