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Why TeleHealth?

Telemedicine allows your Genetix medical team to evaluate, diagnose and treat

you remotely using our HIPPA-compliant technology.

Telemedicine  is only available to Genetix Concierge platform clients.

In essence, we can serve as your primary care practitioner.

Benefits Include:

More Convenient, Accessible Care

More accessible, convenient healthcare for patients is the driving force behind the TeleHealth explosion. TeleHealth has the power not only to break down geographical barriers to care, but also make the entire healthcare delivery model more comfortable for patients.

No Exposure To Contagious Patients

Whether you go to the doctor’s office or an urgent care facility, you are always surrounded by other patients with bacteria and viruses.  Why expose yourself to more sickness?  You can conference with your Genetix health care professional to get the medical attention you need from the safety of home.

Exceptional Quality Patient Care

TeleHealth makes it simple for you to be seen by the medical team who knows you best!  We have your blood, genetic and preventive health history and literally know you from the cellular level.  Who better to help diagnose those nagging ailments than your personal medical concierge.

Concierge Service Patient Demand

Genetix Health Institute clients want TeleHealth. The greatest impact of remote health is on you, the patient, and your family. Using Genetix technologies reduces your travel time and related stresses.


When you’re a little under the weather, the last thing you want to do is jump in the car, sit in traffic and wait in an overcrowded doctor’s office with countless sick people.  The Genetix TeleHealth option gives you the privacy of medical consultation from the comfort of your own home.

Unlimited Access

There is nothing worse than getting sick while on vacation.  However, as long as you have cellular service, you can access your personal Genetix concierge medical team for diagnosis and treatment recommendations.

Less Missing Work

In the event you are not too sick to miss work, but you know something is not quite right, just link up your Genetix concierge medical team from the office and save yourself countless hours away from productivity.

Patient Engagement

We live in an increasingly connected world and expect a different kind of care experience. TeleHealth engages you by connecting with your Genetix medical team in a convenient way. That means more questions answered, a stronger relationship, and empowerment to manage your own care.

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